Advanced Transitions Academy

The Advanced Transitions Programme at DCU is aimed at engaging the talents of soon-to-be retired professionals, seeking new challenges into the latter stages of their working lives.

We set out to develop a brand identity that would defy ageist tropes and stereotypes, instead focusing on the invigorating benefits of education and further learning at retirement age. Taking inspiration from Joyce’s Ulysses the brandmark depicts an arch through which the Third Age lies. Brightly-coloured graphic shapes encourage potential applicants to break boundaries and re-think their future beyond the end of their career.

“We worked with the Boyle Design Group team from the outset to develop an attractive brand identity and communications strategy. We found the team to be total professionals and committed partners – creative, timely, and genuinely interested in shaping and promoting our mission.”

Ronan King
Programme Director – Advanced Transitions, Dublin City University