Dublin SafePort

Dublin SafePort is a new initiative established to enhance safety culture and practice for all workers in Dublin Port. A port-wide initiative, it will see Dublin Port Company and the seven terminal operators increase their collaboration to align and standardise safety practices and procedures across the 261-hectare port estate.

Under the Dublin SafePort brand, safety awareness campaigns, training and initiatives will take place throughout the port, with the objective of enhancing port safety culture and practice for the long-term.

Boyle Design Group were commissioned to create a clear and authoritative visual identity portraying an ethos of safety, collaboration and responsibility. It became apparent that the design solution not only had to communicate a safe port environment, but also had to resonate with the people who work at the port and be wholly unique to Dublin Port – and so our attention turned to the Poolbeg Lighthouse, a unique symbol of Dublin Port that represents safety and guidance. We combined the icon of the lighthouse with a shield, crafted to resemble the hull of a ship, a metaphor for authority and the daily traffic in and our of the port.

For the launch, we produced a candid series of portraits, featuring staff from the founding companies of Dublin SafePort. Authoritative but accessible, these photos aim to show how a port-wide safety culture is essential in a port as busy as Dublin.