Boyle Design Group


We like to keep in touch – it’s how we promote ourselves. And so to showcase our abilities and flex our creative muscles we decided to create and produce a series of yearly desk diaries. We liked the idea of a diary as it would be something useful to give our clients, remain visible for twelve months and also afford us the canvas area to create intriguing and thought-provoking designs.

BDG Diary spreads

Back in 2009 we created a diary featuring graphic representations of key dates throughout the year, with the Chinese New Year, Darwin Day, Aprils Fools Day, Bloomsday, Halloween and Germany’s Oktoberfest being some of our choices. Each of us in the studio were given our dates and had to produce graphic collages representing these key dates, to slot into the overall design. What transpired was a highly functional, visually stimulating diary which was very well received by our clients.