Dublin — Where the World Comes to Work


With the British public voting to leave the European Union in 2016, all EU agencies with UK operations will be made relocate to member states post-Brexit. Among these is the European Medicines Agency, who are responsible for the scientific evaluation, supervision and safety monitoring of all medicines in the EU, ensuring they are safe, effective and of high quality.

Dublin was one of nineteen European cities to submit bids for the EMA’s new headquarters. We were commissioned to design a report, website and related collateral that would present Dublin as the ideal location for the EMA’s new headquarters. The report was to showcase Dublin under five key headings. Firstly, its proximity to London, which would allow for a smooth and seamless transition. The excellent quality of life available to EMA staff and their families. The efficiency it affords large corporations to operate. The excellent talent pool available and the dynamic life sciences sector present throughout Ireland.

Firstly we composed the tagline, “Dublin—Where the World Comes to Work” to convey Dublin’s status as a hub for international business. We then looked to the editorial aesthetic of travel guides and inflight magazines to inform the report and present Dublin as a desirable, modern European capital, perfectly suited to accommodate the EMA’s needs. We mixed striking photography of Dublin’s prestigious and historical built environment alongside its stunning natural landscapes and cutting edge infrastructure. A suite of icons were developed to work in tandem with text and imagery. The report was lithographically printed, with a spot gold used throughout.

The report’s look was carried through to a responsive, content managed website and social media pages updated with news related to the bid’s progress. We eagerly await the EMA’s decision later this year.