Kilkenny Castle — Management Plan 2017–2027


Kilkenny Castle is one of south-east Ireland’s most visited destinations, attracting over 300,000 visitors in 2016. However, the steady increase in visitor numbers over recent years has put additional strain on staff and management at the castle.

The Office of Public Works, who are responsible for conserving, maintaining, operating and presenting the most important heritage sites in Ireland, commissioned Boyle Design Group to design the Kilkenny Castle Management Plan 2017–2027. The document provides policies and guidelines for the next ten years that will ensure Kilkenny Castle and Park are protected, conserved and enhanced for future generations.

With a wealth of archival content at our disposal we designed the document to balance rich, historical imagery with long form texts and technical data. The commissioned text details the historical and cultural significance of Kilkenny Castle and grounds, as well as the challenges faced by staff and management. Spacious layouts aid readability and generous use of imagery create visual interest in each spread. Sections are divided by dramatic, full bleed details of artwork from the castle’s expansive collection and commissioned photography of the stunning interior wings.

The document will be used to inform management decisions, staff numbers and fund allocation over the next decade. This will ensure the castle is developed in line to realise its potential as a place of exceptional cultural significance in the modern world.